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Yoga: More Benefits Than Conventional Therapy

Attending physical therapy at least once a week for five months can significantly reduce back pain. Ninety-two percent of people who followed this regime felt better after three weeks and remained pain free for about two year, enabling them to return to their normal daily lives.

Finding one’s inner rhythm has a lot to do with living a soothed and empowered life. This is achieved by learning to breathe in a relaxing and natural way; breathing should not be contrived nor forced. Consistently and rhythmically moving the body in tune with one’s breathing provides powerful relaxation and pain management.

Yoga improves physical fitness by calming the mind through a series of poses and controlled breathing. Through precise and quiet movements that require balance and concentration, the mind focuses without straining the inner rhythm. Stress and pain relief are subsequently achieved.

Aside from chronic lower back pain, yoga also helps in improving physical comfort for pregnant women looking to give birth the natural way. Yoga helps give one an idea of which body positions can help during intermittent contractions and relaxation. There are several poses that can pass for comfortable laboring positions.

Originally a religious practice among Hindus, yoga became popular and is now taught in class settings all over the world. Its claim to fame is its ability to dramatically reduce back pain. According to a study of adults with chronic pain, instead of taking costly pain medication, a simple yoga routine could provide better and lasting benefits.

Studies further show that taking one yoga class weekly for 12 weeks provided greater increase in functionality and decrease in pain medication, compared to conventional therapeutic exercises advised by pain clinics.

Practiced regularly, yoga coupled with walking, swimming and other low-impact exercises enhances physical fitness. This leads to improved posture, muscle strength and flexibility as well pain relief.

Yoga has many benefits that will keep a healthy, flexible and toned body. Which in turn enhances the immune system and help to put off any dis-eases, such as colds etc.

Also as we age with regular yoga practice our bodies become more resistant to illness and in the event that we do injure ourselfes our recovery rate is usually much quicker to heal. The more we massage our bodies (by practicing yoga) the more the body gets stronger, if our muscles aren’t used then they literally waist away.

We feel good about ourselves, and look younger with regular practice, and of course if you do have back pain yoga will help you with recovery.