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Treatment Through Movement

All modern people, in general, step straight on the heel, then on the toes. That is why, while walking, there is thumping, resulting in spinal cord concussion and feeling of a back brain flow, because of which everyone is nervous. Therefore, you shall walk on your toes and you shall step lightly and smoothly. The light movement of the legs depends on the human mind. If your thought is materialistic, you will step in such a way on your feet that the earth will tremble when you walk. That shows that man is more connected to the center of the Earth than to the center of the Sun.

Toes are an angelic field of action, the bottom of the feet – a human field of action, and the heels – the animal field of action. One, who first steps on his heels, looks for the right of the strength. In the human world the right belongs to the one, who is rational and in the angelic world – to the one, who loves. The Divine world involves the right of all beings.

In the future, educated people shall adapt heels with springs so that when people step the movements will be facilitated by the contraction and expansion of the spring. Today’s heels of shoes cause concussion in the spine at each step. As a result of that concussion, many people suffer with various disorders of the nervous system.

All movements are subject to certain rules and laws. For example, the human way of walking is also determined by certain laws. When a person starts off to somewhere, he first must put his right foot forward, and then the left one. Further, he must walk lightly on toes, and not first on the heel and then on the toes. It is a rule one to start off slowly, calmly and gradually to accelerate his gait. If he does so, finally he will walk easily, quickly, as if flying.

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Aim at beautiful movements, at beautiful lines that affect you health well. By studying the beautiful lines and movements, you connect to the spiritual world, to the mind and feelings of spiritual beings.

Aim at pretty conscious plastic movements to rationally contact to the ebb and flow of the cosmic energy, i.e. to the flowing out and in cosmic energy. The exit and entry of the cosmic energy determine the health of people, as well as their thoughts and feelings.

If someone grips you by his left hand, he transfers feelings to you. If he grips you by his right hand, he transfers thoughts to you. However, if he grips you by his both hands, he transfers both feelings and thoughts to you. So, any movement, any change in Nature has its deep meaning.

If any of you falls ill, focus your mind on the disease and chase it out of yourself. If you cannot liberate in this way, you shall not lie down, succumbing to the disease, but go for a walk, move. Whatever the weather is – snow, rain – you should not be afraid. Diseases find a favorable soil with fearful people.

Paneurhythmy renovates and rejuvenates people. It treats not only diseases Viagra Australia online, but all mental and physical ailments. The entire human organism vibrates musically with it. And there are no diseases in the musical world, there are no interferences. Therefore, through these exercises, one goes out from the world of interference, disappointments, dissatisfaction, anxieties and troubles, and enters into a world of harmony. Those, who do these exercises consciously for one year, will be healthy, will get rid of many diseases or avoid them by raising the vital level of the organism.