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Reiki Healing – an Alternative

Reiki has become a most viable alternative to orthodox medicine, it has no negative side effects. For gradual but steady healing and balancing of energies in the body, Reiki is the effective treatment. Reiki healing started many centuries ago in Tibet, its usage was later intensified by a Japanese Buddhist. The focus in this treatment is a holistic system that is meant to reach the innermost part of man and complete the cure on whatever the ailment is. The practice is purely natural, it seeks to tap into the Universal energy of the Creator, no drugs are used.
Only properly trained individuals can administer the treatment. The healers are categorized into first degree, second degree, and master degree practitioners. First degree healer can heal only his or her self, second degree healer can heal self and others, while the master degree healer can heal self, others, and can impart the healing instructions to others. Basic requirements for all healers include: humility, purity of mind and body, and willingness to assist mankind. Even those who practice Reiki in their private hospitals are also morally bounded to observe these tenets. The healing proper proceeds as follows: the patient is made to lie down on the back and relax fully, preferably on a massage table, wearing only loosely fitting clothes. The practitioner, having purified self in body and mind then quietly meditates a few moments, then clasps gently the palms of both hands together before laying them gently on the patient, specifically on the ailing spot if known, but for remote or hidden locations, the healer simply raises both hands above patient, and for some minutes mentally directs the divine healing power upon the patient. The patient is then allowed to rest or even sleep for at least fifteen minutes during which energy is restored..

In addition to laying of hands the Reiki healer also focuses on the seven energy centers in the body. These centers are known as chakras. The chakras are located at the following organs: crown – roof of the head, the third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and the foot. Reiki is now a popular healing system in the Western countries such as the United States, Canada, and Britain though it started as a therapy from the orient. The oriental therapy is more inclined to use of prayer, deep breathing and meditation. Reiki is now a global therapy, as an alternative to orthodox medicine. Many new practitioners supplement the practice of Reiki with prayer, meditation and other subtle ways of approaching God. Among the outstanding results of this therapy we have: improvement of the immune system, cure for insomnia, reduction of high blood pressure, relief from tensions and stress, enhancement of self-healing, promoting spiritual growth, overall toning of the body, and emotional healing. After any Reiki healing session the patient feels completely relaxed and regenerated in body and mind. The essentials of healing with the Reiki depend on the practitioner’s ability to contact the divine and channel the healing energy down to the patient, it is a viable alternative to drug usage.