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Levitra (Vardenafil): Will It Combat Erectile Dysfunction?

Here’s a quick answer to the question you just asked: it will combat erectile dysfunction! Well, it seems that you’ve got the answer that you wanted. So, why are you still here? Isn’t it the moment to start ordering Levitra from Online Pharmacy?

However, the human nature is such that yes/no answers are no longer satisfying. You want to know more to feel safe and confident, don’t you? We give what you need.

You may have heard of many different ED drugs. Levitra is always in the list and takes the leading positions. It is prescribed both for minor and really severe cases. Levitra is frequently regarded as a temporary solution, yet recently it has also become a part of a treatment course for permanent results. As long as its efficacy is beyond any doubt, men worldwide have a chance to stop worrying about problems they have. For most of them it’s a chance to revive relationships and families. Are you one of them?

Benefits over Alternative Treatment Methods

Canadian Pharmacy Levitra: Will It Combat ED?Levitra is a synonym for an inhibitor that is designed to provide effects when needed. The effect can be achieved in 15-60 minutes after the intake, and the duration reaches the record of 36 hours. This is why this drug is called a weekend pill. It doesn’t mean that a man has erection during all 36 hours. But he can perform great within this time frame whenever there’s a chance. Don’t you agree it’s an excellent index for men of any age, lifestyle or social status?

Here are top 4 main advantages of Levitra both over other pills and alterative treatment methods:

  1. absence of side effects after the intake;
  2. affordability when compared with other ED drugs;
  3. its use guarantees really long duration and excellent performance;
  4. it’s easy to use.

According to the latest studies, the efficacy of this medicine is reported in 79% of cases, which is higher than after the intake of any other ED pill. Only 5% of all patients experience side effects. However, they are minor and are usually related to health problems or alcohol abuse rather than Levitra’s active ingredients.

And finally, even really small doses proved to be efficient. What does it mean? It means that even men in their 70s, those with high blood pressure and levels of cholesterol as well as diabetes, can cope with ED conditions. More than 50% of males with the described health issues experience positive results and no by-effects.

Who Can Buy Levitra?

This excellent ED drug is suitable for males aged 18-… with erectile dysfunction problems that were triggered by various conditions. Earlier age was regarded as the main reason of poor performance in bed, and today the list of factors is much longer. The problem is often diagnosed in men who suffer from diabetes, are under stress, have a history of stokes or heart attacks, etc. Traumas and damages to the penile area are also in the list. As a rule, it’s the case with men under 30.

Is Levitra (Vardenafil) more Effective than Viagra (Sildenafil)?

This question bothers those, who were prescribed Levitra. Both drugs are highly effective in physical limitation treatment. They help to eliminate reduced blood flow to the penile area. What’s the secret of erection? Blood flows to the penile area in great amounts and its outflow decreases greatly. When stimulation takes place, there is nitric oxide produced by the body and released in the penis. It allows activating a special enzyme and causing monophosphate cGMP production. The latter element alters blood flow rates and affects erection.

Both Levitra and Viagra:

  1. inhibit PDE5 presence for breaking down cGMP, accumulating it in great quantities for a harder and long-lasting erection;
  2. are well-tolerated by patients of different ages or with different health problems;
  3. treat symptoms of accompanying health conditions.

If they work in the same way, then what’s the reason of Viagra’s popularity? It’s just the most famous drug, yet not the only one. Over the past years many other medications have undergone changes and were improved due to the needs of modern males.

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